Bibimbap is a famous Korean food which is composed of steamed rice, minced beef and other vegetables. Gochujang, a red chili paste along with sesame seed oil adds a mild tangy flavor to Bibimbap. People from all over the world can enjoy this as healthy food.


150g rice, 30g beef (top round or sirloin) (sub.: chicken, pork, squid, shrimp, etc.)
(Beef seasoning: 1 tsp soy sauce, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp sesame oil)
20g bean sprout (sub.: mung bean sprout), 20g shiitake mushroom (sub.: any mushroom), 20g carrot, 20g zucchini, 20g radish, 1 egg (raw or sunny-side-up)

Red Pepper Paste Sauce : Red pepper paste 1.3oz(3TS), Minced beef 30g, Honey 1.34oz(1TS), Water 2.6oz(3TS), Sugar 1.7oz(½TS), Thick soy sauce 1ts, Minced green onion 0.15oz(1ts), Minced garlic 0.06(⅓ts), Black pepper powder 0.03oz(⅓ts)

Measurements and Ingredients : Soy sauce 3.5oz(½cups) Sugar 0.8oz(2TS), Starch syrup 0.84oz(2TS), Water 14.1oz(2cups), Minced garlic 1.1oz (2TS), Minced scalion 1oz(2TS), Clear strained rice wine 1.05oz(2TS), Pear juice 2.1oz(4TS), Onion juice 1.05oz(2TS), Black pepper powder 0.02oz(¼ts), Sesame oil 0.7oz(2TS)

Measurements and Ingredients : Rice 12.7oz(3 cups), Water 17.64oz(3½cups), Cucumber 5.3oz(1), Squash 5.3oz(1), Egg 4.2oz(2), Carrot 3.5oz(½), Cauliflower 5.3oz, portabella mushrooms 5.3oz (8), Sesame oil 0.3oz(2ts), Sesame seed 0.14oz(2ts), Powdered pine nuts 0.07oz(1ts), Salt 0.17oz(1TS), Black pepper powder 0.03oz(⅓ts), Beef 5.3oz, Minced garlic 0.6oz(1TS)


  1.  Make rice
  2.  Season beef (thin strips or ground beef) and cook quickly over high heat.
  3. Lightly boil bean sprout, then rinse in cold water and drain.
  4.  Julienne mushroom, carrot, zucchini and radish and stir-fry separately.
  5.  Combine all ingredients for chili paste sauce and simmer on medium heat. Keep stirring so that it doesn’t burn.
  6. Make sunnyside- up egg.
  7. In a deep bowl, put rice and neatly arrange 2, 3 and 4 over rice. Put egg in the center and serve with chili paste sauce.