Bread, bread, bread

There is a world of pretty, delicious, and various kinds of bread.

Korean baked bread is very soft and typically drizzled with condensed milk. Commonly baked goods take the form of a stuffed bun with the most typical filling being red-bean. Many resemble items found in a French bakery, however most feature Asian flavors fused with Western baking techniques.
Korean pastries, bread, and desserts boast ingredients such as custard, cream cheese, pumpkin, sweet potato, and the infamous red bean.
If you love custard and cream, you might want to try the condensed milk bread, custard-filled bread, melon cream bread, or the chou cream bread.
If you want to sample the more traditional Korean dessert ingredients, then you can try out the walnut red bean bread, glutinous rice bread, pumpkin bread, or chestnut bread.
Let’s feel the special charm of Korean bread!
Korean bread is fluffy, moist, light with a mild taste, which makes you smile and be a little happier.

Mozart Bakery

If you are tired of eating rough, stiff bread or too sweet desserts, look for Korean bakeries. Mozart is full of fresh-baked bread every morning. Their tasty European bread and cakes with cute decorations will catch your eyes. They have the fluffiest, most beautiful cakes in DFW. Various kinds of coffee, tea, and slush are also available.

Tous Les Jours Bakery

A French-Asian bakery that offers a range of bread, cakes, baked desserts, and several beverages.
Tous Les Jours is a French word for ‘every day’, and as the name says
It’s a bakery that has the freshest bread baked right at the store every day. Their cakes and bakeries are very delicious and tasty.

Ecclesia Bakery & Cafe

You can experience healthy, tasty bread in Ecclesia Bakery and Cafe because they bake with natural yeast. Soft and yummy loaves of bread and special cakes are the pride of Ecclesia. They are very skilled at making custom design cakes as well. if you want to have a cake you found on the internet or magazine, show them a picture and they can make it for you. In Ecclesia, we recommend that you should try the tiramisu Bingsu (shaved iced). You can’t have that anywhere else, at least as far as we know.

9 Rabbits Bakery

Contemporary bakeshop featuring Asian-style baked goods, boba & milk teas, smoothies & sandwiches. Wonderful authentic Korean bakery. Friendly service in a unique joint with creative, tasty baked goods and boba.
Great place to hang out with friends, they have many board games you can play.