Dallas’ Koreatown can learn from what’s happening in Chinatowns across North American

Since the May 11th hair salon shooting in Koreatown on Royal Lane, Dallas Korean American community leaders are scrambling to heighten the safety in the area and help the Korean American businesses bounce back from the incident.

Community leaders are meeting with Dallas Police and local government officials to discuss ways to improve safety in the area.

The FBI opened a hate crime investigation into the May 11th shooting.

Recent article by Terry Tang of Associated Press titled ‘Chinatowns more vibrant after pandemic, anti-Asian violence’ may shed a new light on the Korean American community’s effort to revitalize the area.

The AP article emphasizes the importance of cultural elements of how the Chinatowns were able to become more vibrant after the pandemic and anti-Asian hate crimes.

“Cultural and arts organizations in Chinatowns across North America have worked for decades on bringing greater appreciation and visibility to these communities. But they faced an unprecedented one-two punch when the pandemic caused shutdowns and racist anti-Asian attacks increased — and continue. As painful as those events are, they also indelibly influenced the reemergence of various Chinatowns as close-knit hubs of vibrancy and culture.”

“What draws them to Chinatown is that cultural connection,” Kong said. “It’s something you can’t really put your finger on. … But it’s really the soul of Chinatown. And we need to keep protecting it and make sure it can grow.”

What the Korean American community leaders of Dallas need to remember, perhaps, is the cultural aspect as they try to bring renewed attention to the Koreatown.

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Chinatowns more vibrant after pandemic, anti-Asian violence