‘Geumsan World K-Insam Festival’ to be hosted this fall in Korea

The South Korean county of Geumsan is hosting the 41st annual ‘Geumsan World K-Insam Festival’ from October 6th through 15th this year.

The event will take place at the Geumsan World Insam Expo Plaza and the downtown area in Geumsan county. Event organizers, Geumsan County and Geumsan Festival and Tourism Foundation, are preparing to welcome the visitors from around the world.

One might wonder what the term ‘Insam’ means.

Simply put, ‘Insam’ is the Korean word for ‘ginseng’, a plant tuber credited with various tonic and medicinal properties, especially in East Asia.

‘Insam’ also refers to Korean native ginseng.

Two Korean organizations, the Voluntary Agency Network of Korea and Geumsan Ginseng and Herb Development Agency, initiated a petition calling for the English name of the plant ‘insam’ to be distinct from the all-encompassing term ‘ginseng.’

They argue the broad categorization neglects the distinct cultivation, variety and health benefits of Korean native ginseng. Geumsan is known to produce the best quality insam in Korea.

This year’s theme for the festival is ‘Mom, be happy!’ and is geared toward promoting the benefits of Insam.

In South Korea, raw Insam or Insam-related products make a great gift for the elderly because Insam has such benefits as anti-aging, fatigue relief, increased immunity, and it is known to fight cancers.

So, the phrase ‘Mom, be happy!’ implies that the Insam would make a great gift for all the moms.

The event will be packed with delicious foods, shopping, sight-seeing, and activities for the family.

Organizers will provide a variety of Inam-themed games for the global visitors to have fun while learning about the benefits of Insam.

There will also be Insam-themed robots throughout the venue to engage young visitors.

Insam’s use goes beyond the traditional medicinal benefits. With the popularity of Korean pop culture going global, Insam theme is often adopted in food and fashion.

Visitors will be able to taste Insam-inspired foods at the World Insam Food Corner.’ Visitors will also be able to cook their own Insam-inspired food and experience more casual menus at the Insam food trucks.

Such fashion items as belts, neckties, umbrellas that incorporates the Insam-inspired designs are expected to be eye-catching part of the festival.

Other activities will include Insam seed picking, Insam weighing, and etc.

Female visitors who are beauty-conscious will have chance to experience Insam-related beauty products.

Festival will continue into the night, with various eats, shopping, and hands-on activities planned.

“This year’s Insam festival will be the first year in which the global visitors will be involved. Visitors from around the world, as well as the Korean visitors, will get to know how the Geumsan Insam is superior to the other ginseng. Organizers are doing their best to make this year’s festival a huge success” said Geumsan County commissioner Bum-In Park.

For more information on the festival, visit Geumsan County website at geumsan.go.kr/en