Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling. Hotteok is a flour dough pancake filled with sugar syrup inside. It’s one of the most popular street snacks in Korea.


Ingredients(for 8 hotteok) : Flour, water, dry yeast, salt, vegetable oil, sugar, brown sugar, walnuts, and cinnamon powder.


  1. Make hotteok dough.Place 1 cup of lukewarm water into a mixing bowl.
  2. Add 2 tbs white sugar, 2 ts yeast, ½ ts salt, 1 tbs vegetable oil, and stir it well.
  3. Add 2 cups of all purpose flour and mix it with a rice scoop, or by hand.
  4. Let the dough rise. It should sit with the lid closed at room temperature for 1 hour.
  5. After an hour the dough will rise to double its size. Knead it to remove the gas bubbles in the dough.
  6. Let it rise for another 10-20 minutes.
  7. Make filling- Mix ½ cup brown sugar, 1 ts cinnamon powder, and 2 tbs chopped walnuts in a bowl.
  8. Knead the dough again to remove the gas bubbles.
  9. Place and spread about ½ cup flour on your cutting board.
  10. Put the dough on your cutting board and knead it. Make it into a lump, and cut it into 8 equal-sized balls.
  11. Take 1 dough ball, flatten it, put some filling in the center of the dough, and then seal it to make a ball. Repeat this 8 times to make 8 stuffed balls.
  12. Heat up your non-stick pan over medium heat and add some vegetable oil.
  13. When the bottom of the dough ball is light golden brown, turn it over and press the dough with a spatula to make a thin and wide circle .
  14. Let it cook about 1 minute until the bottom is golden brown. Turn it over again and turn down the heat very low.
  15. Place the lid on the pan and cook 1 more minute.