It’s fried chicken miracle

Korean fried chicken is not the regular fried chicken you’ve tried before. Fried chicken is a miracle. Korean fried chicken is crunchier, juicier and more creative than any other chicken. Typical condiments of KFC include soy sauce and garlic, but the trite taste is a sweet, spicy magic coating called “flavored.”
In Korea, going out for a meal of chicken and beer is such a common activity. You can experience original Korean fried chicken in Dallas.

No.1 Plus Chicken

No. 1 Plus Chicken, one of DFW’s finest destinations for shattering crisp Korean fried chicken.
Served “original,” soy-glazed, and slathered in sautéed garlic or sweet-spicy sauce,They also offer a variety of Korean bar food that goes great with an ice-cold beer or some original or flavored soju!

Rice Chicken 

Cozy spot specializing in rice flour-fried chicken, plus traditional Korean mains & a full bar. A lot of flavors to choose from. Excellent Korean style fried chicken. Very authentic and generous proportions. Good selection of flavors and style. KPOP playing throughout the restaurant is a nice bonus.

Ari Chicken

Ari Chicken is brined overnight in herbs, then coated in a combination of all-purpose, cake and rice flours before frying. Here, chicken is a great place for beer and cheese lovers as well, with an optional mozzarella cheese blanket that can go on top of boneless thighs, wings or drumsticks coated in their sweet spicy sauce.