Plano International Festival Hosts Benefit Performance for Plano Symphony Scholarship Program

[October 11, 2022; Plano, TX] On the evening of the 18th annual Plano International Festival, a special benefit concert and performance called Dancing with the Symphony will be held in the Courtyard Theater on Ave. H in downtown Plano. The performance melds multicultural dance and live musical accompaniment as a fundraiser for the Plano Symphony Orchestra (PSO) Education Scholarship Program.

The Festival has been partnering with the PSO for several years to help support the scholarship program which provides funding for year-long, instrumental private lessons to deserving PISD middle school students. Since inception, the program has awarded over 70 scholarships with 15 awarded in the current school year. The Festival is hosting the fund raiser as a way to further its mission to educate and enlighten the community about diversity and inclusion while building bridges across cultural groups. The performance will bring together dances from India, Mexico and Ireland with PSO musicians providing accompaniment.

“This is a cause that is really dear to my heart,” stated Christine Hopkins, PSO Education Committee Chair who works with the Festival to organize Dancing with the Symphony. “This will be a wonderful event and truly is a reflection of the wonderful spirit of cultural diversity and inclusion through arts in Plano.”

Isaac Kennedy, an 8th grade student at Armstrong Middle School studying the trumpet, is a recipient of this year’s scholarship program. He took up trumpet in 7th grade and enjoyed learning to play. He is excited about the chance to deepen his knowledge and skills throughout the school year. After being awarded the scholarship, he stated, “I am very grateful for this opportunity because some students do not have a chance for such an experience.”

The benefit concert and performance begins at 5pm at the Courtyard Theater on October 15. It will feature the McLane School of Irish Dance, Mexico 2000 Ballet Folklorico, and Bolly Rhythms Dance Academy. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the PSO website, PlanoSymphony.org, or at the theater prior to the event.

ABOUT the Plano Symphony Orchestra: Established as the Plano Chamber Orchestra in 1983, the Plano Symphony’s mission is to inspire, educate, entertain and involve the children, youth and adults of our community in the enjoyment of great music. The symphony has gradually expanded its offerings from three concerts in 1983-84 to over 25 concerts and over 100 solo, ensemble, and educational appearances yearly reaching over 190,000 annually. The Plano Symphony Orchestra Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Texas corporation.

ABOUT The Plano International Festival: The Festival was conceived by the City of Plano’s Multicultural Outreach Roundtable in 2005 to showcase and celebrate the many cultures represented by the people of Plano. It is designed to promote awareness of cultural diversity and facilitate communication between all cultural groups in the community. It also serves to advance Plano’s visibility and standing as an international city. The Plano International Festival is sponsored by the Plano International Festival Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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