Royal Lane Korean hair salon shooting victim plans to move back to Korea after recovery

Son of the May 11th Korean hair salon shooting victims, John Park, recently had an interview with Dallas Morning News and said that the impact has been traumatic.

Park also thinks that the community has not responded in a way that makes his mother and the other victims feel supported. In some ways, he feels that the general public has forgotten about the shooting altogether, adding to his mother’s overall stress.

Since the shooting, a GoFundMe fundraiser created by Park on May 24 has raised about $58,000, including a $30,000 donation from the Asian American Foundation. Prior to that hefty donation, Park said he felt the support his mother and the other victims needed was hard to get.

But the goal is nowhere near the thousands in medical bills that all three victims will face, Park said. Because of their injuries, the victims will be out of work indefinitely, and Park has since raised the GoFundMe goal up to $100,000, up from $60,000. The other victims, who run the salon, will likely have to close their business due to their injuries, Park said.

Park said he attempted to contact local Korean churches or organizations for financial help but was met with overall disinterest. The Korean American community in Dallas-Fort Worth has been difficult to reach as well, he said, but it’s been hard for him to pinpoint why few are reluctant to donate.

DPD Town Hall meeting held on May 15th at the Korean Culture Center of Dallas.

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