Sung Sin Park, the top expert in Korean traditional dance and music

Sung Sin Park is considered by many as the best Korean traditional dance artist in Dallas.

Park’s educational background includes membership at the Little Angles in Korea, Korea Gugak Arts High School, and B.A in Dance from Hanyang University.

Park came to Dallas in 1987 after marrying her husband. That’s when she began to introduce the arts of Korean traditional dance and music to Dallasites.

She is currently serving as the director of The Korean Traditional Music Association of Texas and president of Dallas Korean Artists Association, among many other art organizations.

She’s well known in the mainstream arts community as the top Korean traditional dance expert, if not the ‘only expert.’

She has been performing regularly on various stages of cultural events in the North Texas region.

She is also well known for her 20-plus years of service to Korean adoptees summer camps, hosted by the Dillon International.

She would attend the summer camp and teach Korean adoptee kids the Korean traditional dance and instruments.

In addition to performing on event stages, Park also teaches adults and kids.

For adults, Park’s lesson provides an opportunity to not only learn the traditional dance, but it gives them a chance to serve the community.

Kids’ classes are a great way to introduce Korean culture to them and learn a special set of skills.

“Everybody is talking about K-POP and Hanryu these days. But way before the BTS and other Korean idol groups occupied the global cultural scenes, I believe the Korean traditional music and dance paved the way for all of it. I’m extremely fortunate to be able to provide the performances and lessons.” said Park.

Park’s lessons are provided at the Korean Culture Center of Dallas. For more information, contact Sung Sin Park at 469-735-6419 or sungs777@hotmail.com

Sung Sin Park Career Highlights

Sung Sin Park
(Former) Little Angels member
Graduated from Korea Gugak Arts High School
Bachelor of Arts from Hanyang University, served as an assistant professor
1982 – Performed at 1st Korea Dance Festival

1987 – Iriza Hanbok, Dallas Fashion Show supporting role
2000 – Invited by the Overseas Koreans Foundation and KBS Broadcasting, performed Creative
Dance (Happiness) at Seoul Arts Center
2001 – Invitational Performance at L.A. Korea Day
2002 – Guest Performer at Wilshire Ebell Theater in L.A.
2002 – Invitational performance in Vancouver, Canada
2013 – Performed at the Police Department Health Fair
2013, 14 – Brookhaven College; The Korean Traditional Dance Instructor
2015 – Established -The Korean Traditional Music Association of Texas
2015 – Awarded the National Korean Traditional Music Awards
2015 – Served as a judge at Korea National Gugak Competition
2016 – Performed in Ari Project at Korean Cultural Center L.A.
2016 – Awarded The National Unification Advisory Council’s Presidential Award
2014,15,16,17 – Performed, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Choo Shin-Soo Korean Heritage Night at
Ballpark in Arrington
2017 – Performed at Dallas Peace Day
2017 – Invitational performance at the 95th Myung In Myung Moo Chen, Seoul National Theater
2017 – Served as a Head Director in Dallas Artists Association 13th Art Festival
2014, 15, 16, 17, 18 – Performed at Texas Area Korean War Veterans Support Foundation
2018 – Commemoration of Chang Jeong Lyeol, Served as a Judge of the 18th Ik San National
Pansori Contest
2018 – Invitational performance in La Paz, Bolivia by Embassy of The Republic of Korea
2015, 18 – Head Director in 1st and 2nd Dallas Gugak Festival
2019 – Invitational performance at The 7th Korean Traditional Music Competition, Barnsdall
Theater in L.A.
2015, 16, 17, 18, 19 – Winter Festival of Faith, Dallas

2015, 16, 17, 18, 19 – Volunteer service at Dillon International Adoption Center, Korean
Heritage Camp
2019 – Invitational performance at 1 st World Korean Performing Arts Festival in Seoul, Korea
2015, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 – Dallas Korean Festival hosted by the Korean Association of Dallas
2020 – Established Texas branch of Korea Traditional Dance Association
(Additional performances; Asian Chamber of Commerce, GALA, Crow Museum of Asian Arts,
City of Carrollton, City of Dallas, City of Rowlett, Bolivia, Vancouver, etc.)

16th, 17th, 18th – The National Unification Advisory Council
Director of Dallas Samulnori Club "Hansol"
Director of The Korean Traditional Music Association of Texas
President of Dallas Korean Artists Association (11 th , 12 th , 13 th , 14 th )
Director of Korean Traditional Dance Association
Address: 3596 Hathaway Ct.
Irving, TX 75062
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sung.song.39