Carbonara topokki

Very delicious and popular fusion food in Korea. It is called carbonara topokki which is similar to cream pasta using sticky rice cakes instead of pasta.

Kimchi Seafood Cheese Pajeon

Ingredients Napa cabbage kimchi 3.5oz, Small green onion 1.05oz, Red pepper 0.2oz(1), Black sesame 0.03oz(½ts), Mozzarella cheese 7.0oz(2cups), Cooking oil 1.4oz(3TS), Clam meat 1.06oz, Breading flour 6.7oz(2cups), Water 17.6oz(2½cups), Egg 2.1oz(1), Sesame oil 0.15oz(1ts), Squid 2.65oz(¼), Shrimp 4.6oz(5) Directions Cut napa cabbage kimchi in 1 inch length after removing the...