5 Best Korean Cooking YouTube Channels of 2021

Learn how to make your favorite Korean dishes!
Do you like Korean food? Eating or making? Watch the video and cook Korean food for yourself. It's not hard at all. It will give you a really exciting experience.

1. W Table - Wife's Table

Cooking YouTube channel popular among Koreans. It’s as easy and simple as my mom’s cooking, but there’s a really delicious recipe.

2. Maangchi

This channel is all about cooking, eating, and enjoying Korean cuisine with your family and friends. It is the most famous Korean cooking site on YouTube so here you’ll find the best of my best recipes.

3. Aaron & Claire's Korea

Channel made by Aaron & Claire, a Korean couple living in Korea. A new video is uploaded every week, introducing an easy and simple recipe for cooking.

4. Future Neighbor

From their mini studio in Seoul, they create simple, easy-to-replicate cooking videos. Join us as we make authentic Korean BBQ, bibimbap and some wild veggie banchans. They upload new recipes weekly.

5. One Meal a Day

It is a channel that makes and eats Korean home-style dishes that are easy and delicious.