The Best Instant Ramen Of 2020 – The Travel Selection

The Best In Flavor, Texture, And Boldness: Shin Ramyun, via Reddit

Also known by its official name of Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup, this is the top competitor to beat in the diverse world of ramen. Recognizable by its classic black packaging with its name emblazoned in red font across the front, there’s no mistake – this ramen is utterly sinful as far as instant noodles are concerned. Not only are they a best-seller on Amazon, but they can also be found in bulk at any local Asian market.

The differentiating factor between this ramen and all the rest is based on its noodles, broth, and ingredients. Not only are the noodles in this ramen far more substantial than the average, but they do well when it comes to soaking up all of that delicious broth and thickening up the velveting, soup-like consistency. This ramen also includes vegetables such as mushrooms, which instantly fluff up once they’ve had time to sit in the broth. Speaking of which, this ramen is definitely for spice-lovers only… It’s powerful enough to face the bravest of taste buds, while also being flavorful enough to convert even those fearing bold spice.