Top 5 Korean Home Remedies to Boost Health

Good food is good medicine for health. Food and medicine have also always been closely related to Korean culture. These Korean home remedies for colds, hangovers, and low energy have been used for hundreds of years. Home remedies are still very useful today.

1. Sam Gae Tang(Chicken Soup With Ginseng)

Sam Gae Tang is used as a restorative when people are sick or weak like chicken soup is used in the West. It’s more traditionally eaten and enjoyed during the summer months. Since ginseng and ginger are also “hot” spices according to Chinese medicine, you will sweat and detox after drinking a hot bowl of this soup on a summer day.

2. Bean Sprout Soup

Korean bean sprout soup, which is cheap and easy to make, has a refreshing taste. It is healthy, rich in vitamin C, and low in calories, so it is good for hangovers. It’s good for a cold with a drop of red pepper powder.

3. Yuja Cha

Yuja Cha is deliciously sweet and tart and full of Vitamin C. Popular as a Korean cold and flu remedy, it is very easy to make at home if you can find fresh citron.

There are many good reasons to drink it beyond its help in warding off winter illnesses, since it’s quite tasty and thirst-quenching. It’s also said to help with indigestion, suppress coughing, and even relieve hangovers.

4. Jook

Jook (rice porridge) is still enjoyed as a snack, breakfast, a light meal, or as comfort food for the sick. Jook is now more highly prized as gourmet or energizing food with the addition of expensive ingredients such as ginseng and abalone. In luxurious Korean restaurants, it is included as one of the courses in a full-course set menu, just like the soup course in Western restaurants. Also, juk is very popular these days as diet food.

5. Baesuk (Asian Pears With Honey)

Asian pears with honey are a simple and effective home remedy for coughs and sore throat. Unlike many over-the-counter cough medicines, this Korean home ready is said to actually help to heal symptoms and not just suppress them. Enjoy this delicious and medicinal snack 2 to 3 times a day while you’re fighting the cold virus.