Tteokguk (soup with sliced rice cakes) is a traditional Korean food that is customarily eaten for the New Year. According to Korean age reckoning, the Korean New Year is similar to a birthday for Koreans, and eating tteokguk is part of the birthday celebration. Once you finish eating your tteokguk, you are one year older.


2 bowls of sliced rice-cake​, 8oz Korean beef brisket, 1 scallion, 2tbsp ground garlic, 2tbsp cooking wine, 2 tbsp sesame oil, 3tbsp soy sauce, 2 eggs, pepper powder a little


  1. Remove blood from the beef via kitchen towels.
  2. Add pepper powder, cooking wine, sesame oil into the beef and keep that for a while.
  3. Slice the scallion in sideways.
  4. Whip the two eggs.
  5. Put the beef on a pan and fry that.
  6. Add 800ml water, soy sauce when the beef is boiled well.
  7. When the soup is boiling, remove the foam.
  8. Add rice cakes.
  9. Add the white ones of scallion. And mix the green ones with eggs.
  10. Add ground garlic, eggs and boil them.