When You Are Happy… Soju !!

Encapsulated in a green bottle is a mysterious liquid called soju that captures a facet of Korean culture and customs.

The alcohol content of this beverage can range from 13% to 24%, with its tastes resembling the likes of vodka, but with a smooth and crisp finish. You may be wondering how to drink soju? Soju pairs well with other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, as well as a variety of dishes and drinking snacks . Where can you enjoy soju in Dallas?


Unique strip-mall eatery serving Korean soups, stir-fries and chicken wings. Their interiors are more like a casual bar than a formal restaurant.
They have delicious food and a club-like atmosphere with upbeat music, so it’s the best place to eat and drink! If you want to hang out with your friends at night time, this is the place to go! Also, it seems family-friendly, so it would be a great place for kids.


Hanshin Pocha

A great place to hang out with friends. It opens at midnight and has great food and drink.
I personally like their rooms, because the tables are very long and lots of people can sit together. They also have karaoke rooms on the side.
They have a friendly atmosphere, and they allow you to choose free ramen, Korean pancakes, and fried eggs while drinking soju.


Dal Dong Nae restaurant 

This late-night staple of Dallas Korea Town serves enormous, family-style platters of pork, bowls of raw oyster kimchi, huge simmering pans of stew, fried kimchi pancakes and other excellent ways to blunt the effects of the restaurant’s $12 soju and $4 beer. Dal Dong Nae is open, and bustling, until 2 a.m. every night but Monday.


Cozy kitchen with a casual feel dishing up classic Korean recipes, plus beer & cocktails. The Korean bar food here is excellent, ranging from classics like the preposterously big platter of fried chicken — enough to feed a whole booth of soju-pounding friends — to fusion foods like bulgogi quesadillas. Located in the Korea-town district of Dallas, DanSunSa has become a “must go” destination for visitors hungry for authentic, delicious Korean anju and dishes.